I design products

that delight and inspire people.

Hi, I’m Dan, a Technical Product Manager and Designer from Michigan. I create products and design at TechSmith.

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Design that solves problems, one product at a time.

What I can do for you

Creating delightful experiences is just a part of my skillset. Here is what I can provide:

Design Strategy
Desktop, Web and Mobile Design
Video and Audio Production
Product Management
Application Expertise

Every designer needs to know the right tools. These are a few of the applications I live in:

Design: Sketch, Figma, Photoshop
Video: Final Cut, After Effects, Camtasia
Audio: Logic Pro, Ableton, Audiate
Prototype: Framer, Principle, Invision
What you can expect

Products that are more than just pretty. My applications are used by millions worldwide.

Best-in-class usability
Production ready graphics and video
Workflows that stand the test of time
Accessible and maintainable

I bring results. 
Here is the proof.

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Product Designer + Manager

That's me!

Over the past 15 years, I've designed, created, and managed products used by over 73 million people and 100% of Fortune 500 companies. I love creating products that delight users and help businesses grow.


Frequently asked questions

What type of projects do you take on?
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I work full-time for TechSmith, so I can only take projects that have flexible hours. If that sounds like you, then keep reading!

I love projects that challenge me to learn new skills, projects that allow me to take tough problems and make them easy, and projects that are user-centered.

What time-zone do you work in?
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I work in Eastern Standard Time, but usually I'm burning the midnight oil due to my day job commitments.

What is the typical timeline for a project?
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Depends on the scope of the project, really. Some projects take less than a week. Some take months. The best way to find out is to get on a quick call with me, and discuss it. No strings attached!

How do you charge for projects ?
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I quote a price upfront, so that you know exactly what you're paying for, and so there are no surprises later. The exact cost of your project depends on the scope and requirements!

What does your design process look like?
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The most vital step is to learn about the users and the problems they are trying to solve. Having a deep understanding of both is vital to creating delightful experiences that don't just solve the problems users are having today, but also predict the problems they didn't even know they had yet.

Send me an email and we can talk about my process in depth and how it would work with your company!

What if I need help after the project is complete?
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I always make sure my clients know that they can reach out anytime for continued work. I prefer working with clients that want to have a continued relationship, so that I can continue to deepen my understanding of their users and make them as successful as possible.