From Planet Wolf

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Web Designer
Brand Designer
April 2021

From Planet Wolf


From Planet Wolf is a Pop and R&B songwriting and production duo with an atmospheric, moody sound. In 2021, they came to me to create a website and album art for their debut EP that reflected the style of their music. To me, giving their site a space theme was the perfect choice; like their music, it feels both retro and futuristic at the same time.

When creating the site, I wanted to make sure to show the dynamics of their music in the design, as well as immediately give the most important information of how to listen to their music. In addition, they needed a merchandise store set up, so I worked with them to make sure they not only had a way to purchase merchandise, but a way to make it look beautiful.

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Album Art

From Planet Wolf describes themselves as having a 'cosmic sound' and that, combined with their logo and general sound of the title track "Get Lost" made me immediately gravitate towards a deep space theme. I also experimented with lots of chromatic aberration and other visual techniques to make the visuals feel like the 80s sound that they have.

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