May 2015 - August 2017

TechSmith Camtasia is the premiere screen capture and editing product on the Windows and Mac platforms. In May 2015 I took over both products as the Lead User Experience Designer and we recently released a major version that is cross-platform and has a completely new UI. During this release I was responsible for the user experience of the products, the visual design and graphics, and Product Leading a small sub-team that created the major new "Behaviors" feature. Currently, I'm hard at work both as a Lead UX and as a Product Lead for Camtasia on a future release. 

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November 2014 - May 2015

I was responsible for leading a design group to come up with a future vision of what we should be focusing on as a company. During this time, I lead the creation of a design language for all of our products that will be seen throughout our product releases in 2016, as well as themes to use across our products to make our customers content look professional. I also composed original music for the themes.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #Animation #OriginalMusic #TeamLead


TechSmith AppShow

May 2014 - November 2014

TechSmith AppShow was made with a small team of 6, and my goal as the product designer was to create a new method of creating content without needing any knowledge of video editing. For our first version, we had a laser focus on making it simple to capture your mobile device, making it easy to create App Preview videos for the Apple App Store.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #UserResearch


Techsmith Inklings

January 2014 - May 2014

TechSmith Inklings was the beginning of an iPad app that unfortunately will never see the light of day. Our team spent time establishing the concepts and testing them with Educators and Enterprise companies and they resonated very well, but the business was having trouble deciding how to monetize the app. In the end we decided to use what we discovered as a basis for an entirely new line of products at the company.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #UserResearch #TeamLead


TechSmith Relay

September 2013 - January 2014

TechSmith Relay is a enterprise and EDU solution for video hosting and collaboration. During my short stint as Lead UX on this project, I created a brand new look and feel for the branding of the site as well as the desktop recorder component. I also redesigned the Results part of the site, a brand new way of assessing the impact of your video content. Finally, I oversaw a team of designers and together we designed an activity feed for Relay to help users know what things required their attention in the system.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #UserResearch #TeamLead


TechSmith Rebranding

May 2013

For years TechSmith had gone to outside firms to create our branding, but we decided that we had the expertise to complete a rebranding of our company with only our internal resources. I was tapped to lead the rebranding, and along with a marketing designer we created the set of icons and styles to be used in all of our products and marketing materials. I was also responsible for creating the 100s of sizes and treatments we needed for our brand.

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November 2012 - August 2013

Ask3 was an iPad experiment by TechSmith to enhance communication and collaboration in the classroom. Ask3 allowed Teachers to distribute videos to their class, and receive responses, feedback and video replies from any student within moments. After a year and 100s of classrooms being tested with it, we took what we learned and started implementing parts of it into our main product lines.

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October 2011 - August 2013

I formed an iOS game company (Free the Robots) with a colleague and my wife in the Fall of 2011. Our first game, ShadowArc was released in August of 2012, followed by several content updates and then an Android version the following year.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #GameDesign #Animation #OriginalMusic #OriginalSFX


Camtasia Mac

October 2006 - November 2012

I was hired by TechSmith Corporation to help them establish a presence on the Mac platform, starting with Camtasia for Mac. Starting from the first day with a 3 man team (myself, a developer and a product manager) and growing into a team of 14, we created over 9 releases in the 6 years I was on the product, something unheard of before at TechSmith.

#UXDesign #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #UserResearch